Alpaca Adventures….

by thehappyhealer


Recently, my part time “job” has taken on some new meaning… I love working around animals and being on farms… It may be the dead heat of the summer, when most people are at the beach and in the pool. I certainly don’t deny my 7 year old of any “typical” fun summer stuff – she gets to the pool, water parks and beaches just plenty. However, my work on a small alpaca farm has been getting lots of her attention lately. She loves to read and talk to these sensitive little guys (as we try to restructure their hard-to-handle-handling habits). She has no fear, and in return, they show her kindness and curiosity. I see her learning things that would never happen in a classroom.  At the same time, the stress of my husband’s “regular job” seems to dissipate when he comes up to the farm and starts tinkering with old fences, ancient locks and gritty grain to feed the herd.

I’d gladly give up my “regular” work to be here every day instead – this little herd has been teaching us so many things about ourselves. I’m so very grateful to these boys – they may just be 8 alpaca, but they’re some of the best teachers I’ve been around in some time! (and yes, I’m a teacher, but always learning….)








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